We're Conducting a Survey!

We’re conducting a survey!!! Please participate.

The Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Network is conducting a baseline survey with their stakeholders to gather input into a communication and engagement strategy. To most people, science and knowledge around ecosystem services, biodiversity and the use of market-based instruments to protect these services is relatively new. As a result, there is a need share knowledge about  core concepts for ecosystem services and biodiversity markets, increase understanding about how stakeholders  can develop management systems, practices and opportunities to participate in ecosystem services and biodiversity markets.  

Outreach initiatives are imperative for relaying information to others in a way that is clear, consistent and easy to understand. As we develop outreach initiatives we need to consider our stakeholders’ needs with respect to ecosystem services and biodiversity markets, and where to focus our efforts in creating a community of understanding.

What is the Purpose of this Survey?

The purpose of this survey is to collect data on the knowledge levels, awareness, and engagement preferences of our stakeholders. This information will help us to coordinate our communication and information sharing in the future to ensure we are meeting the needs of our key stakeholders. 

What do we Want to Know?

Knowledge: In order to effectively coordinate our information sharing, we need a basic understanding of current knowledge levels among our stakeholders, with respect to ecosystem services and biodiversity markets. We want to know which concepts are well-understood and which require some clarification; what pieces of information are our stakeholders missing in order to understand the full picture; what tools do our stakeholders need to understand how this knowledge is applicable for their industries. 

Awareness: Our Network was recently formalized in 2015, so our presence among the stakeholder groups is relatively new. As we move into our second year of active engagement and outreach we want to evaluate how well our stakeholders are aware of who we are (our key working group partners) and what we are doing (our current initiatives) to create ecosystem services and biodiversity markets in Alberta.

Preferences: If we are going to effectively communicate with our key stakeholder groups, we need to know the best way to do that. The survey will help us identify our stakeholder preferences for engagement, outreach and communication methods.

What will we do with this data?

This data will allow us to tailor our communication to effectively meet the needs of our stakeholders. It will also develop a baseline against which we can judge future data collection and evaluate the effectiveness of our engagement and communication efforts over time.

We understand your time is valuable, and to thank you for your participation in our survey you can enter to win one iPad Air 2. Your participation is important to us!