Discover our Network

The Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Network is excited to announce the launch of our new Website – a site dedicated to sharing the knowledge and science of ecosystem services and biodiversity.

The network recently formalized in January 2015. As a part of our engagement and outreach efforts, we strategically organized a set of focus groups in order to understand what our key stakeholders are looking for when it comes to ecosystem services (ES) and biodiversity knowledge and information. The results transparently stated that members from industry, government and academia alike are looking for:

  • open data and science regarding ES-initiatives;
  • greater collaboration among industry, academia and government;
  • a common understanding of ES and biodiversity concepts; and
  • a central location to share this information and build open, transparent communication with the community.

The communications team has worked hard to develop a site that could provide our stakeholders what they are looking for in such a way that emphasizes collaboration and sharing of information.


The Building Blocks – Our key areas of research

The Building Blocks are our key areas of research for ES and biodiversity, which were identified through the 2010 Ecosystem Services Roadmap. According to the ES Roadmap, the key areas of research required for implementing a successful ecosystem services management approach include: credible science, market-based approaches, data and information management, effective eco-fiscal policy, and capacity building.

Explore the site and learn how these essential areas support the development of ES and biodiversity knowledge. However, the true substance of the building blocks is found in the contributions provided through our Toolkit.

The ES&B Toolkit

The Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Toolkit allows for easy information sharing and collaboration across sectors.

The Toolkit acts as a compendium of ES and biodiversity research in the form of key definitions, concepts, initiatives, programs, and projects. By creating a profile on our website you have an opportunity to contribute your own expertise and information on ES and Biodiversity.  To ensure credibility and accuracy, all contributions will be reviewed and approved by the experts on the ES&B Network working group.  

As you begin to search the building blocks, relevant contributions that will deepen your knowledge and understanding of that particular research area will be available to view. The goal of the toolkit is to fill this archive with knowledge and research from experts across the province, country and even the globe.  Not to mention, communication is made easy with the ability to comment and recommend edits or additional information on each submission.

With this new site in place, we are excited provide an online source that will house research, data and information for ES and biodiversity and support a system for users to connect within this common field of interest.

Discover who we are, and join us in building a network of knowledge around ecosystem services and biodiversity.