3 Reasons Why Ecosystem Services are Important to You

Ecosystem Services are the benefits nature provides to human well-being. The term is frequently thrown around in academic circles, but why should you care about them?

Understanding Eco-Fiscal Policy

Canada’s ambitious commitments made during the COP 21 Paris, UN Convention on Climate Change to reduce emissions, have increased the relevance and applicability of Ecofiscal policy. To have meaningful conversations on Ecofiscal policy we first need to understand what it means and why it matters for setting objectives, monitoring, and reporting on progress. The Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Network have reached out to an expert, Dr. Ken Nicol, to build an understanding of Ecofiscal policy, and create some awareness of the importance to ecosystem services.

Discover our Network

The Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Network is excited to announce the launch of our new Website – a site dedicated to sharing the knowledge and science of ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Ecosystem Services Science Symposium


On September 16, The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) hosted their first Ecosystem Services & Biodiversity Science Symposium: an engaging series of presentations  showcasing the emerging knowledge of ecosystem services and biodiversity. The symposium hosted experts from varying backgrounds to present on key topics and cases related to ecosystem services and biodiversity across Alberta, Canada and the Globe.