3 Things You Should Know About the ESN

1. Who we are

The EcoServices Network is a multidisciplinary group of experts working to build the knowledge and capacity required to implement ecosystem services and biodiversity markets in Alberta. The Network is led by a working group whose partners include Alberta Innovates, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, Government of Alberta (Environment and Parks), Innotech Alberta, Land Stewardship Centre, and Silvacom. Our coordinated efforts are creating a system of information sharing and collaboration across all sectors, as we work together to create ecosystem services and biodiversity markets in Alberta.

2. What we do

The Network strives to advance knowledge surrounding ecosystem services and biodiversity, and the use of market-based approaches to enhance these services.

Ecosystem services are the benefits that humans receive from nature, such as water purification. Ecosystem services and biodiversity markets are markets in which the transactions take place with the goal of improving or maintaining environmental quality or minimizing environmental degradation. Through this approach, we see the costs of our actions on the environment, and the benefits of preserving it.

We have developed the knowledge and capacity to better understand ecosystem services, and how we can best manage the land to get the most value out of those services. By working together, we have the potential to bring Alberta to the forefront of economic diversification, environmental excellence and sustainable development.

3. Why our work matters

We believe that ecosystem services and biodiversity markets diversify the economy, enhance environmental integrity, promote sustainable development and increase innovation and competitiveness. Well-designed and well-managed markets enable new business opportunities while providing a way to better protect and recognize the value of the ecosystem services that contribute to Alberta’s high quality of life. Markets help industry demonstrate social license to operate, while supporting growth, competitiveness and economic diversification.