3 Reasons ES Markets are Important to Albertans

The EcosystemServices Network is working to support the development of ecosystem services and biodiversity markets in Alberta. Market approaches have been known to create positive changes in land use and provide benefits to individuals, businesses and communities.  We believe that implementing a market approach has 3 key benefits to Albertans: they diversify the economy and promote business development, they enhance environmental integrity, and they increase innovation and competitiveness.

ES Markets Diversify the Economy and Promote Business Development

Alberta needs to diversify its economy in order to decrease the risk that comes with fluctuating oil and gas prices. Markets can help us do that by creating new business opportunities. Whether it’s selling improved water quality or developing new products from biomass, ES markets can offer new revenue streams to producers and companies alike.

ES Markets Promote Environmental Excellence

Since markets value the benefits that nature provides, it goes without saying that having well-designed ES Markets in place inherently protects the environment. In addition to valuing nature, the tools built to support ES markets will also help to measure, monitor and report on sustainability, as well as identify the environmental risks associated with development.

ES Markets Increase Innovation and Competitiveness

With ES markets, businesses will compete for the revenue they can get for selling ecosystem services. This increased competition among businesses will promote innovation and efficiency while companies work toward best management practices. 

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